“How to Feel Like a Fruit Tree Expert in Just One Year”

The 5 Key Steps to Success with Fruit Trees

Free webinar with Hugh & Katie Finlay


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  • Do you have fruit trees—but you don’t get fruit?
  • Are you sick of not feeling confident with your pruning, despite reading lots of books and watching all the videos?
  • Are you confused about watering or feeding your fruit trees?
  • Do you wish you could control pests and diseases without using dangerous chemicals?
  • Do you dream of growing all the delicious, healthy, organic fruit you can eat?

In this FREE webinar you’ll learn:

  •  The 4 key ingredients to build healthy soil—without spending a cent!
  •  How to set up an affordable irrigation system that’s easy to run.
  •  How to (finally) make pruning simple.
  •  The 6 Key Strategies that commercial organic fruit growers use to control pests and diseases.
  •  The little-known method for growing a year’s supply of fruit (with less than 10 trees)


Hugh and Katie Finlay have been growing organic fruit commercially for almost 20 years. Through drought, flood and everything in between, they’ve successfully harvested a crop every year. They’ve taught hundreds of people how to grow their own fruit and quickly feel like fruit tree experts.

Hugh is the ‘microbe nerd’ on the farm, having trained with Dr Elaine Ingham at the Soil Food Web Institute. In the orchard Hugh looks after nutrition, irrigation, and pretty much anything that involves a tractor! After doing his initial farm training in Western Australia and the middle East, Hugh spent many years roaming the world as a Lonely Planet author before settling on the idyllic farm in Harcourt he shares with Katie.


Katie’s in charge of production and packing on the farm, which includes everything from pruning and grafting the trees through to looking after the pack-house and marketing. Growing up on the farm Katie thought farming was for the birds and headed off to Uni in Melbourne, but after getting her Bachelor of Science and then studying permaculture, she realized that her heart lay back where she’d started in the country, and returned to the family farm with Hugh (and their 5 children!).


Note: If you are unable to attend the webinar at the scheduled time, it’s still worth registering because after the webinar we will send out a link so you can watch a replay. You’ll still get all the content and questions and answers from the webinar, although you won’t be able to ask any questions as it is only a replay.